Antibacterial Carpet Cleaner

Our Cleaning Method.

We at Highgrade have, for the past four decades, utilised a foam shampoo system for cleaning carpets and upholstery. Our machines convert a mixture of hot water and special powder based detergent into foam which is brushed into the fibres and simultaneously extracted without applying excess moisture. Most importantly, this system requires no rinsing.

What the others do.

Forty years ago we realised that the vast majority of carpet and upholstery cleaners in this country use water extraction (“steam”) machines. This system works by spraying water and liquid detergent into the fibres and extracting by way of suction. The problem with this operation is that firstly, in most cases, there is no brush action and more importantly the liquid detergent (which usually has a defoamer additive) leaves a residue, which not only attracts dirt but causes future cleaning to be more difficult.

We believe our method is far superior.

Nothing in the last forty years has changed our minds, our opinion is constantly substantiated. Has our unique method justified our enthusiasm? Our forty five thousand customers say YES! Locally to our offices we have clients in almost every road from Radlett to Rickmansworth and many more throughout London and the South East.

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